Wild West Aloe Treatment Powder 450g

Wild West Aloe Treatment Powder 450g

Whole plant formula, mild texture, perfect to maintain the hair quality of faded hair, make the color of hair after dyeing bright, soft, shiny, bright and full color.

Wild West Aloe Treatment Powder 450g


1.Contains effective hair care essence and precious plants essence
2.Dust-free ,Fade various colors
3.This formula is stable and non-perishable, Fast dissolve and non-stimulation
4.Using combine with professional peroxide will make the color shinier.
5.Ultimate lift, can lift to Level 8 within 30mins in the room tempreture.


Mix the powder with developer(oxidant cream) at 1:2 proportions, churn up, and then daub it into hair evenly. pay attention to the color
bleaching effect; rise out the hair when achieving the color you need.


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