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Mezzom Anti Hair Loss Shampoo (Women) 600ML


Designed for superb conditioning and detangling, improves hair volume and  make your hair looks thicker . Use constantly to reduce dandruff and scalp flaking.

Mezzom Scalp Mask 600ML


This scalp is rich with vitamins that help restore hair's natural protein and mineral balance, builds shine , structure , luster and body into thinning , damage and otherwise challenged hair.

Mezzom Scalp Tonic (Women) 100ML


Mezzom scalp tonic (women) can promote biological oxidation processes and tissues metabolism. Anti-aging effects, it is important effect is to reduce and prevent the scalp in the early age. Can also be repair damages cuticle lipid barrier, improve scalp resistance. Deep moisturizing effects, and promote hair growth.

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