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SBARK Organic 07 Oily Control Shampoo 500ml


Oily control shampoo for oily scalp and hair formulates with ARGAN OIL and ORGANIC wheat protein PLUS and active cleansing properties to clean deeply and remove any residues.

SBARK Organic 08 Amazing Shampoo 500ml


Formulates with ARGAN OIL with ORGANIC wheat protein PLUS to close cuticle scales and protect the contex from external damage. Amazing shampoo for provides maximum color security leave color-treated hair smooth and manageable.

Sbark Organic 09 Ice Cool Shampoo 500ml


Dermatologist approved classic ,formula and ARGAN OIL with ORGANIC wheat protein PLUS , controls itching and irritation. dandruff treatment shampoo is dermatologist approved. it controls the itching and flaking associated with dandruff, dermatitis, seborrhea and scalp psoriasis.

SBARK Organic 10 Hair To Go Shampoo 500ml


Hair to go shampoo for falling out hair formula with ARGAN OIL AND ORGANIC wheat protein plus can penetrate deep into the scalp and replenish hair to prevent hair split and yellowing with soft and gentle foam for gentle removal of grease and residual impurity to leave the hair smooth with easy fix.

Sbark Organic 11 White Away Shampoo 500ml


White away for specialized treatment that helps fight and control dandruff. Formula with ARGAN OIL and ORGANIC wheat protein PLUS, acts in depth actively against dandruff with balancing action.

SBARK Organic 28 Amazing Conditioner 500ml


Formulates with ARGAN OIL and ORGANIC wheat protein PLUS make your hair for an optimal styling experience. Formulated with silk powders and naturally absorbed oils and moisturizers derived from wheat protein,and argan oil.

SBARK Organic 30 Ice Cool Conditioner 500ml


Ice cool formula with ARGAN OIL and ORGANIC wheat protein PLUS,special nourishing and protective ingredients allow the product to be used daily.Moisturizes,detangles and reconstructs all hair types with body and shine.

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