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SBARK Organic 07 Oily Control Shampoo 500ml


Oily control shampoo for oily scalp and hair formulates with ARGAN OIL and ORGANIC wheat protein PLUS and active cleansing properties to clean deeply and remove any residues.

Tada Professional Intensive Scalp Revitalizer 12ml x 6pcs


Tada Professional Intensive Scalp Revitalizer 12ml x 6pcs to helps strengthen the fragile hair to promote hair growth, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effects, but also with adjustable scalp water and oil balance. Effectively improve the excessive oil and dandruff and distressed oily scalp and hair. Reduce dandruff and sebum, refreshes you mind.

Tada Professional Scalp Care Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo 500ml


Tada Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, enriched with bamboo extract, makes the scalp healthy, thus preventing thinning of hair.

Tada Professional Scalp Mask 500ml


Tada Professional Scalp Mask Soothing and moisturizing scalp, so that from hair root to the tail also keep moisture.

Tada Professional Scalp Peeling 120ml


Tada Professional Scalp Peeling 120ml contains aloe vera, green tea, mint and oxalic acid components, effective in deep cleansing and dissolve sebum hidden in the pores, help to control sensitive scalp and provide nourishment.

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